International Boulevard TOD Plan: APANorthern California Grassroots Projects Award and State APA Award of Merit  

R+A’s International Boulevard Transit-Oriented Development Plan for the City of Oakland recently won the 2011 Northern California APA Section Grassroots Project Award. The award reflects the interactive, community-based process that informed the Plan. The project also received recognition from the State APA and was presented an Award of Merit. Raimi + Associates would like to thank Sargent Town Planning, Transform, the City of Oakland, and particularly the residents of International Boulevard, without whose insights and efforts this project could not have happened.

West Hollywood General Plan: APA Grassroots Project Award 

The West Hollywood General Plan, for which Raimi + Associates was the primary consultant, recently won the 2011 Los Angeles Section APA Award for Innovation in Green Planning as well as Small Jurisdiction Comprehensive Plan. R+A’s work promoted green building and sustainability, standards for walkable urban design, sensitive transitions between corridors and neighborhoods, preservation of West Hollywood’s diverse, bohemian character, and a focus on design solutions for change areas of the City.

South Gate General Plan:  Beacon Award

In 2011, the City of South Gate was accepted to participate in the Beacon Award: Local Leadership toward Solving Climate Change program. This award was based on the City's General Plan 2035. Raimi + Associates' completed the City of South Gate's Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan as part of the City's general plan update. The Beacon Award recognizes and celebrates cities and counties that adopt policies and programs that address climate change; reduce greenhouse emissions and save energy; and promote sustainability.

Florence-Firestone Vision Plan: SCAG Award of Excellence

Florence-Firestone is an area of unincorporated Los Angeles County. Its challenges include high poverty and unemployment, deteriorated public infrastructure and streetscapes, and blight. Incorporating an extensive community outreach process, R+A drafted a Vision Plan for the community that received SCAG's 2010 Award of Excellence.

City of South Gate: Los Angeles APA Public Outreach and Participation Award

Raimi + Associates, The Transportation and Land Use Collaborative and the City of South Gate were bestowed the 2007 Award for Public Outreach and Participation by the Los Angeles American Planning Association Chapter. The project was honored with the award due to the high level of public participation that occurred during the General Plan update and the creative and interactive nature of the public workshops. Read more here