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EcoDistricts Incubator, Team Facilitation



Raimi + Associates is a frequent participant in the annual EcoDistricts Incubator – an intensive three-day workshop that provides targeted support for the successful implementation of neighborhood-scale sustainability projects. Projects span all types of geographies across the United States, ranging from disadvantaged communities to business improvement districts, and assistance is provided via technical support, expert facilitation, tours, presentations, and work sessions. As part of this effort, R+A staff provided expert facilitation on projects in San Diego’s Pacific Beach, San Francisco’s Chinatown, Santa Monica Johannesburg, Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, and Cleveland.


Client: City of Santa Monica

Timeframe: 2016 - 2017

  • Climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategy development.


  • Community action toolkit for residents to create personalized climate action plans.


  • Mapped exposure to climate change.

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