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Orange Line TOD Plan

San Fernando Valley, CA

Sustainability Award and Integrated Planning Award Honorable Mention, SCAG


The Orange Line is a “Bus Rapid Transit” line traveling on its own right-of-way through the San Fernando Valley, connecting to the LA Metro Red Line at North Hollywood. Raimi + Associates worked with Metro to create the Orange Line BRT Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan. The plan anticipates that the line will continue to evolve, attracting new riders, drawing new residents and jobs nearby, and refining its local and regional identity as Angelinos shift their employment and housing choices to take advantage of the Orange Line. The plan provides corridor-wide policies as well as detailed station-area improvements catered to each unique station, with a focus on improving pedestrian and bicycle access, encouraging transit-supportive land use, and improving the streetscape and urban design landscape near stations. The process included public workshops, a technical advisory committee and interactive online activities such as a visual preference survey. The Plan led to funding for multiple station area specific plans along the corridor.

Client: LA County MTA (Metro)

Timeframe: 2011-2012


  • Developed priority list of physical improvements for each station area to promote walkability and neighborhood connections.

  • Detailed list of required improvements to transit service, bicycle access, pedestrian access, land use regulation and roadway improvements.

  • Created guidance for streetscape, community facilities, and other sustainable placemaking strategies.

  • Supported Metro’s goal of fostering sustainable “transit-oriented districts”with land use, employment, housing, and public space.

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