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Palm Desert General Plan Update

Palm Desert, CA

2017 Inland Empire Section and Calfornia APA Award Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction


Raimi + Associates lead the Palm Desert General Plan Update and University Neighborhood Specific Plan. The City, which encompasses 17,000 acres, and houses 50,500 residents is expected to grow to 61,000 by 2040. The multi-disciplinary consultant team assisted the city in developing a comprehensive update that identified long-term goals; provided a basis for decision-making; provided citizens a forum for input on their community’s direction; and informed community members, developers, decision-makers, and local jurisdictions of development guidelines for Palm Desert. Raimi + Associates worked with city staff, a Technical Working Group, local organizations, and stakeholders to develop a policy framework, and guidance on the organization and development of the General Plan Update and Specific Plan. The project also included detailed policy guidance, development standards, and design guidelines for the transformation of Highway 111 corridor into a walkable, mixed-use city center. The project resulted in a comprehensive report on goals and policies that enhance the overall well being for all residents, business owners, and visitors of Palm Desert.

Client: City of Palm Desert

Timeframe: 2014 - 2017

Click here to view the final plan!


  • A Specific Plan for the Highway 111 corridor to create a mixed use city center.

  • High level of community engagement and input into the vision and guiding principles for Palm Desert 2040.

  • Incorporation of recent planning efforts into the updated General Plan.

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