UrbanFootprint expands R+A's scenario modelling and analytical capabilties

The web-based scenario modeling tool provides our staff with the ability to quickly and easily conduct existing conditions analysis, visualize data, map land use patterns, and evaluate growth scenarios. Since 2017, Raimi + Associates has been incorporating UrbanFootprint into our planning practice, and we are excited to share more about how this tool can be used in your community. Last month, the Strategic Growth Council announced that cities and counties in California can receive a free license for UrbanFootprint in exchange for providing local data. R+A can help your city or county understand the best applications of this exciting new tool, and how it can empower local and regional planning efforts. The tool includes an abundance of baseline data for every city and county in the United States with multiple modules that analyze greenhouse gas emissions, public health, transportation and economic development impacts from land use changes. We have used UrbanFootprint for projects in places as diverse as Honolulu, HI; Gary, IN; Fresno, CA; San Jose, CA; and other places. Contact us to find out how we can help, and click here for more information on UrbanFootprint.