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Santa Clara Integrated Sustainability
Master Plan

Santa Clara County, CA


The County of Santa Clara has consistently demonstrated its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, supporting the local economy, and promoting equity for its residents. However, there is limited coordination between the County's many policies and practices that address sustainability. Raimi + Associates is guiding development of the County's first Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) which will set priorities and objectives for how county operations can reduce their environmental footprint and increase their positive impact on equity and the local economy. The plan will also address sustainability in the County's unincorporated areas and will align with regional and countywide sustainability initiatives related to equity, economy, and environment.

Client: County of Santa Clara

Timeframe: 2017 - Present


  • Conducting 45 interviews with County staff to identify how each department's
    activities, services, and products impact the local environment, local economy,
    and equity for County residents.


  • Supporting initial implementation of a Sustainability Management System with
    focus on continuous quality improvement.


  • Creating a Sustainability Dashboard to track key metrics for quarterly

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