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Tweedy Boulevard Specific Plan*

South Gate, CA


Tweedy Boulevard is a three-mile commercial corridor in the City of South Gate, located eight miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Tweedy Boulevard, especially the area commonly known as “Tweedy Mile,” was historically the City’s “main street” – the place for shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation. While Tweedy Boulevard has been in decline over the last several decades, it is still the symbolic center of the City of South Gate.

The Tweedy Boulevard Specific Plan is a City-initiated Specific Plan intended to revitalize Tweedy Boulevard as the heart of the City and as its “main street” and presents the opportunity to embody both the best of South Gate’s history and its future potential. The City established the revitalization of Tweedy Boulevard as a priority in its 2035 General Plan (prepared by Raimi + Associates).

Ms. Malhotra, while at another consulting firm, was the project lead on this Specific Plan funded by a Strategic Growth Council grant. Under her direction, the Specific Plan proposed a vision for the Tweedy corridor as a citywide and regional destination with a restored “sense of place,” and improved access to all modes of active transportation, including walking, bicycling and transit. The plan was prepared with extensive bilingual community outreach including community workshops, stakeholder interviews, study sessions and hands-on input from steering committee members.

Client: City of South Gate

Timeframe: 2015 - 2017

Click here to view the final plan!

* Project completed while Ms. Malhotra was at another consulting firm.


  • An innovative hybrid approach to form-based codes


  • An open space network connecting surrounding neighborhoods with
    schools and Tweedy Boulevard


  • Provided clear design guidance for renovating existing retail buildings
    and for new mixed-use development


  • Created unique character-defining streetscape elements with “garden


  • Connect to the regional bicycle and open space network along the Los
    Angeles River

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