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University Avenue Specific Plan*

Riverside, CA


University Avenue is one of the City of Riverside’s most important corridors and gateways bringing traffic from two freeway off -ramps leading to the University of Riverside and intersecting with Downtown Riverside. Ms. Malhotra provided urban design and visualization services to the City of Riverside as part of the City’s in-house update of the University Avenue Specific Plan. As part of the services, architectural imagery to portray how vertical and horizontal mixed use and higher density residential projects could fit into the neighborhood context was prepared. In addition, various design options for adaptive reuse of historic buildings in the Specific Plan area were explored.

Client: City of Riverside

Timeframe: 2013 - 2015

Click here to view the final plan!

* Project completed while Ms. Malhotra was at another consulting firm.


  • Massing diagrams as well as detailed architectural renderings to illustrate the various proposed densities and mixed-use morphologies.


  • Evaluation of proposed design regulations for feasibility.


  • Annotated massing models to illustrate design standards and guidelines.

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