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1101 Connecticut/Potrero Block X, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA


Raimi+ Associates directed the green building design and LEED certification process for the 1101 Connecticut housing complex, also known as Block X, in San Francisco. The project initiated the Rebuild Potrero SFHA Master Plan, which envisioned the comprehensive redevelopment of the 38-acre Potrero Public Housing site into a 1,700-unit mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood, LEED ND certified neighborhood. In addition to its commitment to affordable housing, the project represents a model of green building and sustainable development through its extensive use of photovoltaic panels, energy efficiency appliances, drought-tolerant landscaping, a solar thermal hot water system, and an advanced central fresh air distribution system. The project was also awarded LEED for Homes Platinum certification.


Client: City of Santa Monica

Timeframe: 2016 - 2017

  • Climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategy development.


  • Community action toolkit for residents to create personalized climate action plans.


  • Mapped exposure to climate change.

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