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Sustainability + Climate Change


R+A incorporates sustainability into everything we do, from our projects to our company operations. Our climate change and sustainability work is deeply influenced by our mission to promote healthy, equitable, and resilient communities. By integrating an understanding of ecosystem processes with planning and urban design, we are creating places that work with nature and make better places for people. 


The R+A team offers a diversity of experience with planning, analysis, and program implementation related to climate change, sustainability, and resilience. We develop greenhouse gas analysis tools, assist affordable housing developers with LEED certification, guide communities through LEED ND and LEED for Cities, shape local GHG reduction targets to align with international and State commitments, and help communities reduce exposure to climate risks.

  • Climate action plans 

  • Climate resilience and adaptation plans 

  • Sustainability elements of comprehensive plans 

  • Sustainable development and green building standards 

  • Energy reach codes and building performance standards 

  • Neighborhood-scale sustainability 

  • LEED certification for Homes, Neighborhood Development, and Cities 

Selected Projects

Sustainability + Climate Change
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