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LEED Certification for Affordable Housing



Raimi + Associates works with non-profit affordable housing developers to integrate green building practices and earn LEED for Homes certification. We organize and lead integrated design charrettes, outline the LEED process, coordinate review of energy and ventilation models, conduct field inspections, and prepare all certification documentation. Common strategies are all-electric design, efficient hot water and HVAC systems, low-VOC materials, on-site PV systems, stormwater management, and EV charging. Since 2018 R+A has completed LEED Gold and Platinum certification for seven green affordable housing projects statewide. Several of these projects are part of larger revitalization plans that also received LEED for Neighborhood Development certification.


To date, R+A has certified nearly 1,000 units of green affordable housing.

Client: Multiple

Timeframe: 2018 - Present

Recent Certifications

  • 2019 Potrero Block X, San Francisco, CA (Platinum - 72 units)

  • 2021 PATH Metro Villas II, Los Angeles, CA (Platinum - 122 units)

  • 2021 Jordan Downs Phase 1A and (2023) 2, Los Angeles, CA (Gold - 80+ units)

  • 2022 Greenway Meadows, Santa Monica, CA (Gold - 39 units)

  • 2022 SP7, Los Angeles, CA (Platinum - 81 units)

  • 2022 PATH South Gate, South Gate, CA (Gold - 60 units)

  • 2023 Legacy Square, Santa Ana, CA (Platinum - 93 units)

  • 2023 Pacific Landing, Santa Monica, CA (Paltinum - 37 units)

  • 2023 Vista Ballona, Los Angeles, CA (Platinum - 50 units)

  • 2023 Firmin Court, Los Angeles, CA (Gold - 64 units)

  • 2023 Las Flores, Santa Monica, CA (Platinum - 73 units - AIA CA award Design for Energy)

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