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County of Kaua‘i, HI


As an island community susceptible to a broad range of hazards,
Kauaʻi is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. The Kaua‘i Climate
Adaptation Plan will identify actions that ensure people, places, and natural and
built systems are able to adapt to climate change. The State and County also have
ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals, and R+A is also conducting a
quantitative GHG reduction analysis and preparing GHG action plans for the County.

Client: County of Kaua‘i

Timeframe: 2021 - present

Visit the project website at


  • Created educational factsheets and videos on climate change impacts

  • Conducted a Vulnerability and Equity Analysis and prepared an interactive
    online mapping tool to highlight hazards that affect vulnerable populations,
    community assets, infrastructure, and natural and cultural resources


  • Conducting extensive online and in-person engagement, including a website,
    surveys, open houses, and meetings with a technical working group


  • Preparing an adaptation plan focused on specific County actions and
    supporting funding and financing strategies

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