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South San Francisco Climate Action Plan

South San Francisco, CA


Developed in concert with South San Francisco’s General Plan Update, Raimi + Associates prepared a Climate Action Plan to help the City to achieve the community’s vision for the future of South San Francisco. This CAP is a guide for the community’s response to challenges posed by climate change and is built on the City’s ongoing efforts to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The SSF CAP lays out strategies and actions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 by increasing waste diversion, reducing energy and water use, and increasing resiliency across multiple sectors. The CAP forecast of future community emissions is based on the General Plan Update build-out projections and the plan includes policies and programs that are reflected in the General Plan’s Climate Protection Element. 

Client: City of South San Francisco

Timeframe: 2019 - 2022


  • Creation of a path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, reduce emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2040, equitably mitigate and address the impacts of climate change, and realize the co-benefits of climate mitigation actions that help create a sustainable community

  • Consistency with the General Plan Update aligns climate goals with opportunities to streamline CAP and General Plan implementation

  • Integration of climate and sustainability-related ideas and feedback heard from the community throughout the General Plan Update

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