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Silicon Valley 2.0 Regional Adaptation Plan

Santa Clara County, CA


Home to approximately 3 million people, Silicon Valley represents one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the country. The region is an engine for innovation technology, venture capital, and agriculture with a gross domestic product of nearly $200 billion. Although these characteristics make Silicon Valley a desirable place to live and work, regional climate change presents a challenge to future health, safety, and regional prosperity.

Raimi + Associates worked with AECOM to create a regional plan to minimize the anticipated impacts of climate change on Santa Clara County. R+A led the effort for the public health sector. Working closely with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, R+A evaluated the vulnerability of County residents to likely climate impacts and developed adaptive strategies that improve community resiliency. R+A prepared the public health chapter of the climate change adaptation plan, identifying the region’s top priorities and near-term strategies for an effective and equitable response to climate change.

Client: Santa Clara County

Timeframe: 2013 - 2015


  • Wrote climate adaptation strategies for extreme heat; vector-, food-, and water-borne diseases; sea level rise; worsening air quality; and health care facility and professional preparedness.


  • Facilitated County Public Health and Climate Change Strategic Plan working


  • Developed heat- and air quality-related vulnerability assessments of residents in Santa Clara County to gain a better understanding of the spatial patterns of climate vulnerability.


  • Conducted county-wide, multi-sector policy gap analysis.

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