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Western Riverside County, CA


Raimi + Associates is working with AECOM to develop an Energy Resilience Plan that seeks to ensure the region's energy resilience in the face of increasing climate threats to the public health, safety, and economic vitality of the region. The focus of this effort is to increase the adaptive capacity against power outages at critical facilities in WRCOG member jurisdictions by identifying high-value opportunities to implement various technological and buildings systems strategies. 


There are three key outcomes of the Energy Resilience Plan. The first is to develop a framework for WRCOG and its members to define the characteristics and location of critical community facilities. Second, to provide three detailed examples of facility-specif improvements to serve as blueprints for broader future deployment across member agency facilities. Third, to identify the resilience value of established and innovative energy resilience measures for critical facilities. 

Client: Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), Sub-consultant to AECOM

Timeframe: 2021 - present


  • Conducted a literature review of energy resilience plans, studies, and innovative projects

  • Created an energy resilience factsheet for WRCOG member agencies

  • Analyzed the social vulnerability of areas around critical facilities to help prioritize example project sites

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