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Coachella General Plan Update

Coachella, CA

2016 State APA Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction Award of Excellence 



Raimi + Associates led a team of sub-consultants through an extensive General Plan update and Climate Action Plan for the City of Coachella, a low-income, predominantly Spanish-speaking community on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles Region. The R+A-led team worked with the General Plan Technical Advisory Committee, General Plan Wellness Advisory Committee, stakeholders, city staff, and community members to develop a vision for the City’s anticipated growth from its current population of 40,000 to 135,000 by 2035. The update entailed a complete re-write and re-organization of the City’s previous 2007 City’s General Plan, and incorporates new maps, graphics, charts, and descriptive text to better illustrate the vision, unique identity, and concepts that are central to Coachella's future as a healthy, safe, and sustainable community. The plan was unanimously adopted by the city and is currently being implemented through a series of new ordinances and regulations that support the vision for the city's future.

  • A standalone Health Element and Sustainability Element addressing equity, environmental, and health challenges.

  • Extensive bi-lingual engagement that included well-attended workshops and local cultural events to capture public input for the General Plan Update.

  • Comprehensive citywide greenhouse gas reduction strategies for climate change action and adaptation.

  • Flexible form-based approach to land use that is responsible for market conditions.

Client: City of Coachella

Timeframe: 2011-2015

Click here to view the final plan!

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