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Gary Comprehensive Plan

Gary, IN


Located just south of Chicago along the southern coast of Lake Michigan, the City of Gary was once a booming manufacturing town founded by the U.S. Steel corporation. Like many of the rust belt cities, Gary is experiencing the physical, social, and fiscal challenges that have arisen from a steady decline in manufacturing jobs and population over the past 50 years. The City of Gary is currently embarking on a project to update its Comprehensive Plan, which will help chart a path towards revitalizing and rebuilding the City. The primary focuses for the plan will be addressing fiscal issues, advancing economic opportunities, integrating sustainability and green infrastructure, balancing future growth alongside environmental protection, and neighborhood/corridor stabilization.

The City Redevelopment Commission hired R+A in 2017 to assist with comprehensive planning and technical analysis for the Plan update. Services include facilitating the community-led engagement process, evaluating citywide and area-specific conditions and scenarios, and policy and program development. The final plan will build upon Gary’s many strengths and help reposition the City for future success.

Client: City of Gary

Timeframe: 2017 - present


  • A Toolkit to help guide community-led conversations and gather input
    that will be used to develop the plan framework.

  • A land use analysis to help determine where the City should focus future
    growth and investment, and which areas should revert to conservation

  • A realistic and actionable set of policies and programs that address
    economic development, environmental justice, and social equity.

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