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How to Create + Implement
Healthy General Plans


In coordination with ChangeLab Solutions (Formerly Public Health Law and Policy), Raimi + Associates co-authored an influential guidebook for building healthy, vibrant communities through land use and design policies. Since public health is strongly impacted by land use and transportation policy, the guidebook suggests model policies and for a variety of health-related topics. Key topics addressed in the guidebook include active transportation and opportunities for physical activity, access to nutritious foods, access to parks and open space, access to health services, mental health, and protection from environmental hazards and pollutants. The report also provides guidance on analyzing existing public health conditions and suggests how public health persons' and planners can cooperate on the issue. A large portion of the guidebook is devoted to implementation tools and strategies that can be included in the comprehensive plan. These include traditional zoning or formbased zoning contexts, master plans and circulation design guidelines, project
review and permitting, and ways to finance health interventions.

Client: ChangeLab Solutions

Timeframe: 2008 - 2009

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Influential nationwide implementation manual for practitioners

  • Extensive literature review and best practice catalogue

  • Model policies to address health in comprehensive plans

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