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El Monte Health + Wellness Element

El Monte, CA


El Monte, which is 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles, is the ninth largest city in Los Angeles County has marked health challenges including high rates of obesity, limited healthy food outlets, inadequate recreational opportunities and many other challenges. Raimi + Associates worked with the community to develop a Health and Wellness Element that provides the city with a comprehensive program for improving community health. The Health Element includes policies and programs to combat these challenges and improve the health of all residents.

The Element focused on active transportation choices throughout the City, access to healthy food, healthy lifestyles, health education efforts, and mitigation of environmental hazards. In addition to writing the Health Element, R+A worked with the City to develop a detailed implementation program coordinating efforts in multiple levels and sectors of City Government.

Client: City of El Monte

Timeframe: 2009 - 2011


  • Spearheaded a robust community engagement process that included hundreds of participants.


  • Mapped and analyzed neighborhood-specific health indicators with baseline data and 2020 targets.


  • Created a detailed implementation program that the City is actively using to create a healthier city.

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