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Equitable Climate Preparedness + Adaptation



The impacts of climate change will fall hardest on those who are historically over-burdened and under-resourced, including communities of color, indigenous peoples, and lower-income residents. Raimi + Associates, collaborating with cities, non-profit partners, and the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network (USDN), developed a planning model to assist communities in their efforts to embed equity into their climate preparedness planning work. The planning model identified specific climate resilience strategies to advance equity and climate preparedness goals, prioritizing community-driven planning tactics that foster collaboration between cities and frontline communities. Planning tactics are applicable to any city planning process, and encourage a stronger partnership between the city and community through collaborative planning and program implementation. Partner cities include Baltimore (MD), Cleveland (OH), Denver (CO), Providence (RI), San Antonio (TX), Seattle (WA), Toronto (ON), and Washington (DC).

Client: Urban Sustainability Director’s Network

Timeframe: 2016 - 2017

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Developed a planning model that identifies specific climate resilience strategies, which will advance both equity and climate preparedness goals.


  • Facilitated a convening of city planners, climate justice experts, and state and federal partners to discuss strategies for equitable climate preparedness and adaptation.

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