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Fremont City Center Community Plan + FBC 

Fremont, CA


Raimi + Associates led a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in the preparation of a Community Plan and Form-Based Zoning Code for the approximately 430-acre City Center of Fremont, CA. The area includes the Fremont BART station and anchor institutions such as Washington Hospital, Kaiser Medical Center, Palo Alto Medical Center, City Hall, and an up-and-coming Downtown District. The plan envisions the conversion of the city center from a suburban auto-oriented area into a walkable mixed use district with transit-oriented development, urban employment and residential mixed use areas. A critical component of the project was directly coordinating with the three medical centers in the area to ensure safe pedestrian crossings and access, implement architecture and urban design that activates public space, and support the area’s transition into a mixed-use “health district.” The project included targeted outreach and coordination with stakeholders, property owners, and city staff and elected officials, an extensive existing conditions analysis, a user-friendly community plan, a detailed implementation program, a phasing plan, and a form-based code.

Client: City of Fremont

Timeframe: 2012-2015

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Creation of a “health district” that focuses on walkability, pedestrianoriented
    design, and a diverse mix of uses.


  • Incremental transformation of a low-density, suburban area into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood.


  • Development of a detailed implementation program, including a formbased zoning code.


  • A community plan that includes a vision, goals, policies, development standards and street typologies.

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