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Kauai General Plan Support

Kauai, HI


Raimi + Associates (R+A) supported the County of Kauai Planning Department by serving as strategic advisors and health experts for their General Plan Update. Kauai, the fourth largest Hawaiian island by area, is mostly rural and undeveloped and is best known for its rugged natural beauty and quaint small towns and villages. R+A reviewed the administrative draft of the General Plan Update, advised on the structure, organization, and content of the document, and facilitated a series of working meetings with Kauai government agencies health related topics including climate change, healthy food, equity, and economic development. R+A then provided detailed recommendations and revisions to the General Plan that included edits to the plan’s language, reorganization of content and drafting of key policy sections. In conducting the review, R+A staff provided capacity building to the Kauai Planning Department on General Plan best practices. Finally, R+A provided trainings and information to help the County advance their health communities initiatives. This included a meeting with the Community Advisory Committee and serving as a key note speaker at the annual “Get Fit Kauai” conference.

Client: Kauai County Planning

Timeframe: 2016


  • Provided strategic advice on Kauai County’s General Plan Update

  • Increased the capacity of Kauai County’s Planning staff on General Plans

  • Led cross-sector policy charrettes on healthy community planning topics

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