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LA Metro Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit

Los Angeles, CA


Raimi + Associates, as a subconsultant to IBI Group, assisted with the preparation of the on-line, interactive Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro). The Toolkit is intended to educate decision-makers, local government staff, advocates and developers about the benefits of transit supportive communities and includes specific policies and programs that have been successfully used throughout the region. The Toolkit includes research on the benefits of transit supportive communities, over 25 specific policy, planning and regulatory tools that address the topics of land use, urban design, transportation, market and economic, and community engagement; model policy and regulatory language; analytical tools that allow communities to understand the benefits of transit supportive places; and dozens of case studies from communities that have implemented the tools identified in the toolkit. Raimi + Associates helped to oversee the direction of the project and wrote many of the sections on land use and urban design. The Toolkit will enable local jurisdictions to work towards the goals imbedded in the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) and is tied to grant funding from LA Metro for long range planning around transit stations.

Client: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

Timeframe: 2014 - 2016

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Interactive, web-based policy toolkit that promotes transit supportive

  • Model regulatory language for transit-oriented development

  • Case studies of policies and programs where Transit Supportive
    Communities were implemented.

  • Engagement with local jurisdiction to guide and review the Toolkit.

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