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South San Francisco, CA


Raimi + Associates supported the City of South San Francisco in developing a specific plan for the Lindenville district to realize the General Plan's vision for the area as a mixed-use neighborhood, employment hub, and cultural center of South San Francisco. The Plan preserves the city's industrial heritage but also provides new opportunities for people to live in the district. A revitalized Colma Creek is reimagined as a community-serving linear park with restored ecology that benefits the health and wellbeing of people and wildlife.

Client: City of South San Francisco

Timeframe: 2022-2023


  • Implemented the R+A-led South San Francisco General Plan

  • Defined the look and feel of neighborhoods through land use districts and design and development standards

  • Established a new Arts and Makers District with ground floor requirements and flexible zoning standards

  • Resilience enhancements to the district's blue-green infrastructure network contributed to the expansion of Lindenville's open spaces

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