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Marin County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Planning Process

Marin County, CA


A Community Health Improvement Plan is an action-oriented plan for addressing the most significant health issues identified by community partners based on quantitative and qualitative data in a community. The objective of a CHIP is to ensure coordinated, measurable health improvement throughout the county, with all agencies and organizations working together toward shared goals by leveraging resources and aligning initiatives and programs. Raimi + Associates led the development of the Marin County Community Health Improvement Plan and worked closely with the CHIP Steering Committee to accomplish this. The Steering Committee included more than 40 diverse community stakeholders from throughout Marin, including representatives of nonprofit organizations, County agencies, and County staff, and community leaders focused on the needs of young people in Marin). We developed the CHIP by creating a sequenced process that supported engagement and making specific decisions: we set up the process and review data, revisited selected data and prioritized issues, gathered information and feedback on potential strategies through workgroup meetings and online surveys, and then worked with the steering committee to finalize draft strategies and outcomes and asked for approval of the strategies and outcomes. Finally, we prepared a report documenting the process and the final set of strategies, outcomes, and population-level indicators to inform implementation.

Client: Department of Health and Human Services,
Marin County

Timeframe: 2019 - 2021


  • Facilitating in person and virtual Steering Committee meetings that resulted in clear decisions and shared priorities


  • Working effectively with a range of county-wide, cross-sector stakeholders to identify key issues

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