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Moffett Park Specific Plan

Sunnyvale, CA


Moffett Park represents a vital part of the City of Sunnyvale’s economic and social identity, having for decades served as a pivotal business center for the region’s high-tech demographic, while also providing recreational access to the San Francisco Bay and crucial conservation areas along the city’s northern-most border. Today, the City is undergoing the process of updating their previous specific plan for Moffett Park, recognizing the area’s unique potential to accommodate both the demands of a contemporary workforce, while also addressing matters of housing, accessibility, and environmental conservation. The Moffett Park Specific Plan Update allows Raimi + Associates, along with a team of diverse and creative thinkers, to approach the area with a critical lens that balances the preservation and continuity of existing infrastructure, while envisioning a new future that is characterized by mixed-use development, diverse transportation solutions, sensitivity to environmental concerns and climate change, and an expansive open space network that positions Moffett Park as a focal point for the entire city.

Client: City of Sunnyvale

Timeframe: 2019–2023


  • Extensive civic engagement and community visioning

  • Close collaboration with local property owners to integrate individual development proposals with plan-wide goals for open space, community access, and housing

  • Comprehensive strategy balancing commercial activity and facilities with housing, multi-modal transportation options, and ecological interventions

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