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Resilient Monterey County Dashboard

Monterey County, CA


Working with the Monterey County Public Health Department, Resource Management Agency, and the Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs Office, Raimi + Associates developed a user-friendly dashboard for community members, elected officials, and agency staff to better understand how climate change effects human health and the co-benefits of greenhouse gas reduction measures. This interactive tool allows County and local agencies to monitor and integrate climate change indicators into planning and assessment work.

The Resilient Monterey County Dashboard is an interactive platform that provides nested information for different user groups. The Dashboard incorporates interactive infographics designed to educate community members about climate change, technical indicators to monitor key climate change and resilience indicators over time, and key policy and program initiatives. Indicators chart baseline and current conditions, trends overtime, and progress towards key targets in a graphically-friendly manner. The interactive Dashboard allows users to select different data years and Monterey County jurisdictions. The collaborative undertaking is a pilot project for a larger countywide initiative to expand and streamline cross-agency data sharing and coordination.

Client: Monterey County

Timeframe: 2016


  • Developed regionally-specific infographics the co-benefits of climate change and how climate change impacts health.


  • Interactive and user-friendly Dashboard that incorporates with climate change impacts data with climate mitigation data.

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