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Monterey County Go Green!

Monterey County, CA


Raimi + Associates worked with the County of Monterey’s Administrative Office to create a Sustainability Plan for County operations called Monterey County Go Green! R+A interviewed County leadership and Board of Supervisor members, researched existing county initiatives and opportunities, and facilitated a Sustainability Initiative Advisory Committee comprised of staff from numerous County departments. The Monterey County Go Green! and Sustainability Plan is helping County staff and elected officials consider and recognize the inter-relatedness of their economy, society, and environment, and then integrate these values into existing operations and improving coordination among County departments and agencies.

The sustainability plan addresses topics such as: Water use and conservation; Stormwater, Waste, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Biological Resources and Climate Adaptation, Toxics and Facility Environmental Quality, Built Environment (Land Use), Infrastructure, Transportation, and Food System. The Plan also uses a “change-making levers” framework to maximize the benefits of plan implementation. Topics included: Behavioral and cultural shifts (including education), Purchasing power, Incentives, Regulations, and External community opportunities.

Client: County of Monterey

Timeframe: 2014


  • Comprehensive citywide greenhouse gas inventory and analysis of policies and actions to reduce emissions that might occur with implementation of the General Plan Update.


  • Numerous well-attended neighborhood workshops and local cultural events were instrumental in gathering public input.

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