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Mountain View General Plan

Mountain View, CA


Raimi + Associates worked for the City of Mountain View and as a subconsultant to MIG on the preparation of the City of Mountain View General Plan update. The General Plan includes an ambitious vision for growth and transformation including adding a significant amount of housing, supporting growth in the downtown, promoting complete streets, and transforming suburban office parks into mixed-use districts. R+A helped develop policy and write the General Plan, assisting with a variety of topics including land use, urban design, infrastructure, health, and sustainability. R+A also completed a sustainability existing conditions report in preparation for creation of the General Plan. The General Plan set the stage for precise plans in multiple change areas throughout the City. Many of these precise plans have been or are being directed by R+A, including the North Bayshore Precise Plan, El Camino Real Corridor Plan, and East Whisman Precise Plan.

Client: City of Mountain View

Timeframe: 2009 - 2011

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Completed the project on an expedited schedule.​

  • Emphasis on health and sustainability in the General Plan.

  • Coordinated with existing city work and explored innovative but feasible new policy directions for the City.

  • Drafted key land use policies, neighborhood-scale guidance, and vision content.

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