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Palmdale General Plan Update

Palmdale, CA


Raimi + Associates, leading a team of consultants, has been selected to prepare the City of Palmdale's General Plan Update and Program EIR. Palmdale is located at the gateway to Antelope Valley in Northern Los Angeles County. Palmdale is positioned to draw new residents, employees, and visitors with planned infrastructure investments, such as the California High Speed Rail and the High Desert Corridor Highway projects, that will connect the City to Los Angeles Basin, San Francisco Bay Area, Inland Empire, as well as Las Vegas. The expansion of economic anchors, including multiple major aerospace and defense companies, and the presence of U.S. Military personnel at both Air Force Plant 42 and Edwards Air Force Base are positive trends in establishing fiscal health and economic stability. Additionally, the City has an opportunity to strategically integrate housing, equity, and infrastructure, given the State’s new housing mandates, General Plan requirements, and transportation revenues. 


The General Plan will focus on enhancing the community identity, building on planned infrastructure investments, improving multi-modal, active transportation and connectivity, integrating health and equity, and capitalizing on the city's unique location in the region.

Client: City of Palmdale

Timeframe: 2018 - 2023


  • An extensive, transparent and inclusive community engagement program

  • A “place-based” approach to urban design and placemaking

  • Multimodal transportation and leveraging transit investments

  • Approach that capitalizes on and diversifies the local economy and create a fiscally resilient economy

  • CEQA approach that focuses on outcomes

  • Implementation and evaluation-focused approach

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