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Palmdale Multi-modal High Speed Rail Station Area Plan 

Palmdale, CA


In partnership with the California High Speed Rail Authority, the City of Palmdale is preparing a Station Area Plan for the planned high speed rail multi-modal station. Raimi + Associates is working with Parsons (the prime consultant) to develop a strategy for the transformation of the station area into an authentic, walkable, mixed-use urban center. Raimi + Associates' primary responsibility includes preparation of the land use plan and assistance with the community outreach. In addition, R+A is writing the zoning sections and design regulations for the Station Area Specific Plan.

Client: City of Palmdale / California High Speed Rail Authority

Timeframe: 2015 - present


  • Developed three land use alternatives addressing a range of stakeholder
    interests while serving as a suitable fit with the surrounding areas.


  • Re-imagined form and character based land use and zoning that emphasizes the physical character of neighborhood streets, buildings, and blocks.


  • Multiple workshops to inform and include the community in planning for the future HSR.

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