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Seaside General Plan Update

Seaside, CA


Located on the Monterey Peninsula and home to the former Fort Ord military base, Seaside is a proudly-diverse community surrounded by natural resources and emerging economic opportunities. The City is a regional destination with access to a rapidly-growing California State University at Monterey Bay, the recently-opened Fort Ord National Monument, and a burgeoning arts and music culture. The General Plan builds on these unique assets, re-establishing Broadway Avenue as downtown and weaving new, complete communities on former Fort Ord lands with existing Seaside neighborhoods.

Raimi + Associates is leading a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in the preparation of the General Plan, Environmental Impact Report, Housing Element, and zoning ordinance updates. Called “Seaside 2040,” the General Plan update included a robust community engagement and collaboration process to enable all Seaside residents to create a common vision for the City’s future. Seaside 2040 included alternatives for key change areas in City, form-based General Plan designations, and extensive policy and program development. Equity, sustainability, shared economic prosperity, collaboration, and innovation are centrally embedded in the General Plan goals, policies, and actions.

Client: City of Seaside

Timeframe: 2016 - present


  • Extensive, multi-lingual community engagement and collaboration process including workshops, open houses, online-surveys, and a community-led task force.

  • Form-based General Plan designations that address urban design in addition to land use.

  • Healthy and Sustainable Community Element that ties together environmental justice, health, climate change, and equity solutions.

  • Zoning code updates to bring the policies, development standards, and regulations into conformance with the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan.

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