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Ventura Housing Overlay Zones

Ventura, CA


The City of San Buenaventura achieved a significant milestone in 2022 with the adoption of its 6th Cycle Housing Element. As one of the first steps towards implementing the Housing Element objectives, R+A is working with the City to create several formbased code housing overlay zones for sites that need to be rezoned per the Housing Element. The new housing overlay zones will build off of the City’s past form-based codes, improve their objectivity, and address challenges that have occurred with implementation of these codes in a manner that allows the overlays to be applied in other parts of the city.

Client: City of San Buenaventura

Timeframe: 2022 - Present

Click here to view the final plan!


  • Create overlay zones for several building typologies: 1) townhomes; 2)
    moderate-density multi-family residential/mixed-use; and 3) and high-density
    multi-family residential/mixed-use development.


  • Work with the Design Review Committee to understand the community's
    design preferences.


  • Promote high-quality design and development that respects the character of
    existing neighborhoods.

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