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Eastside Community Plan

West Hollywood, CA


Raimi + Associates was the lead consultant on the Eastside Community Priorities Plan for the City of West Hollywood. The Eastside Plan is an implementation-focused plan for the City's Eastside community, generated by a focused Working Group with input from Eastside community members. The Plan provides specific recommendations, such as physical improvements, policy changes, and programs, to improve the quality of life, enhance identity, and expand economic development in the area.

Developed through a collaborative two-year and two-stage engagement process, the Plan addresses a wide range of topics prioritized by the Working Group that effect every-day life: Housing, Urban Design, Economic Development, Mobility, Arts and Events, and Sustainability and Public Space. The Community Plan is action-oriented, and includes detailed recommendations to inform the budget process and assigned implementation responsibility to City departments. The Plan also includes an ongoing process to evaluate and update the Plan as priorities change and new funding becomes available.

Client: City of West Hollywood

Timeframe: 2015 - 2017

Click here to view the final plan!


  • A collaborative effort between the Eastside Working Group, the City of West Hollywood, and the community that included a variety of outreach activities, such as walking tours, festivals, workshops, surveys, and an online presence

  • Highly implementation-focused, with extensive strategies and actions for each topic area, and strong recommendations to City Council about future steps and funding decisions

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