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R+A Recognized as APA's 2015 National Emerging Planning and Design Firm!

Raimi + Associates has been chosen to receive the 2015 National Planning Excellence Award for an Emerging Planning & Design Firm from the American Planning Association. Read more at:

The Emerging Planning & Design Firm award honors a young planning and design firm that has helped elevate the planning profession and build public support for planning, and demonstrating the potential for continually influencing the planning profession through its current work for years to come. 

“Through its portfolio of work, Raimi + Associates demonstrates the energy, excitement and innovation of an emerging firm,” said W. Shedrick Coleman, 2015 APA Awards Jury chair. “The firm has become a national leader in the emerging practice of healthy community planning and in sustainable neighborhoods, showing even small firms can play a large role in effective planning.”   "We are thrilled to be recognized for our work and mission, which is to promote health, sustainability and equity through innovative community planning," said Matt Raimi, Founding Principal at Raimi + Associates. "Our goal is to incorporate fresh ideas and improve the field of planning at large, while serving the communities where we work. We want to change the world for the better, and set best practices that can be replicated nationwide."


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