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Sustainability + Climate Change

R+A believes sustainability and climate change planning is about making informed, responsible choices for our future. We incorporate sustainability into everything we do, from our projects to our company operations. Our climate change and sustainability work has also been deeply influenced by our mission to promote healthy and equitable communities. We have developed tools and strategies to prioritize community health and reduce inequities while advancing environmental protection.


The R+A team offers a diversity of experience with planning, analysis, and program implementation related to climate change and sustainability, for both public and private sector clients. We use data, design, and customized, user-friendly tools to implement sustainability at multiple scales.

  • Climate action plans

  • Climate resilience and adaptation plans

  • Sustainable development and green building standards

  • Neighborhood-scale sustainability and LEED implementation

  • Sustainability master plans and elements of comprehensive plans

Selected Projects

Sustainability + Climate Change
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